Hey, I'm Heather.

I absolutely love being behind the lens. I have a passion for capturing the nuances of life and love through photography.

A little bit more about me.

If you ask my friends to describe me, they would probably tell you I’m a quirky lady with a whole bunch of love to give. I graduated Cum Laude from Curry College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and, in turn, I have been a registered nurse for just about 7 years. Throughout my practice as a nurse, I have come to know the most intimate aspects of humanity. I have seen people at their happiest, most vulnerable, and during their times of struggle. And because of that, I have an affinity for the beauty of memories and how photographs can reflect them so beautifully.

With a passion for storytelling through photography, I've woven my style into a unique blend of editorial finesse and candid charm. My aim is to capture more than just moments – I looove finding and photographing the moments. I find inspiration in the subtle nuances of life, from the fleeting glances to the untamed laughter, freezing them into forever memories. Nothing excites me more than collaborating with clients, understanding their visions, and turning their dreams into vivid realities. So, if you're ready to embark on a visual journey that speaks volumes, let's team up and craft magic together!